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Grant Writers Commensurate wi Chicago, IL and Washington, DC, IL

Full-Time Permanent Positions
Raiser's Edge Administrator $40K - $55K Chicago, IL
Education Manager $60K - $65K Chicago, IL
Assistant Telefund/Sales Director $70K - $85K Chicago, IL
Marketing & Communications Manager $36K - $40K Chicago, IL
Executive Director $60K - $80K Skokie, IL
IT Administrator/ Convio Expert Commensurate wi Rosemont, IL
Executive Director $70K - $85K Far North Suburb, IL
Chief Financial Officer $125K - $150K Lake Forest, IL
Executive Assistant $60K - $65K Chicago, IL
Director of Development $85K - $110K Chicago, IL
Temporary Positions
Training & Certification Associate $17.00 - $19.00 Southwest Chicagoland, IL
Case Manager $13.00 North Chicagoland, IL
Ongoing Positions
Recruiter Commensurate wi Chicago, IL

Full-Time Permanent Positions
Manager of Membership $75K - $85K Washington, DC
Development Manager $55K - $65K Baltimore, MD
Accounting Coordinator $50K - $57K Washington, DC
Senior Development Professional $75K - $90K New York, NY
Development Officer $65K - $75K Washington, DC
Director of Development $90K - $125K Washington, DC
Bookkeeper $40K - $47K Washington, DC
Temporary Positions
Interim CFO $82.00 - $103.00 Washington, DC
Executive Assistant $12.00 - $14.00 Washington, DC
Project Coordinator $14.00 - $18.00 Silver Spring, MD
Ongoing Positions
Recruiting Coordinator Commensurate wi Washington, DC

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The Do's & Don'ts of Negotiating Salary

April 2014

This month's InnerView Career Q&A question tackles negotiating salary, an aspect of the hiring process that often stumps even the most seasoned professionals!

Q: What are the best approaches to negotiating salary after you get a job offer? I’m afraid of giving a figure I’ll later come to regret, but I also don’t want to ask for too much and jeopardize my chances. How can I find the middle-ground?  –J. McClain, Naperville, IL

A: A job offer sometimes feels like you’ve reached the end of a long (and tiresome!) journey. You’ve been reaching out to people for weeks, possibly months, and sending out numerous resumes and cover letters in addition to interviewing. Once an offer is presented, it can be tempting to take the salary and benefits package you’re given. Before you make a hasty decision, consider the “do’s” and “don’ts” of negotiating your salary to best reflect your worth and contribution to the company.

DO your homework. Research the figures and market rates of your position from reputable sources (e.g. industry associations and/or conversations with others in your field). That way you'll come prepared with a desired salary range that you'll be happy to accept from.


Nurys Harrigan is president of Careers In Nonprofits, the experts in nonprofit staffing and recruiting with offices in Chicago and Washington, D.C.

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