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Director of Human Resources $75K - $90K Chicago, IL
CNP Academy presents SALARY NEGOTIATIONS!! $39.00 Chicago, IL
FINANCE PROFESSIONALS Commensurate wi Chicago, IL and Washington, DC

Full-Time Permanent Positions
Healthcare Communications Specialist $68K - $73K North Chicago Suburb, IL
Education Administrator $45K - $50K Oakbrook, IL
Associate Director of Individual Giving $67K - $80K Chicago, IL
Assistant Director of Annual Giving $55K - $57K Chicago, IL
Sales Director $50K - $70K Indianapolis, IN
Marketing Coordinator $45K - $55K Chicago, IL
Web Developer $80K - $100K Chicago, IL
Temporary Positions
Development Associate $15.00 - $17.00 Chicago, IL
Executive Assistant $15.00 - $18.00 Chicago, IL
Donor Perfect Associate $13.00 - $14.00 Chicago, IL

Full-Time Permanent Positions
Director of Communications $109K - $139K Los Angeles, CA
Manager of Healthcare Education Programs $55K - $65K Washington, DC
Accreditation Specialist, Healthcare Programs $65K - $85K Washington, DC
Membership and Administrative Coordinator $40K - $45K Washington, DC
Part-time Development Data Associate $22K - $24K Alexandria, VA
Director of Development $100K - $120K Washington, DC
Senior Accountant $65,000.00 Washington, DC

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Making the Transition

August 2015

Applying for a position you care about is daunting enough. When it comes to making the leap from one field to the next, it can seem doubly so! This month’s InnerView Q&A addresses the matter and how to phrase the fact that you’re looking to enter a field different from the one you’re currently in to a hiring manager. 

Q: How do you explain that you want to transition from one field to a different one entirely (e.g. from finance to marketing)? –Mariyam H., Chicago 

A: Making the leap across divisions doesn’t have to be difficult. With some finesse, you’ll find that persuading the hiring manager you’re not only willing but also qualified to move across divisional lines isn’t as challenging as it initially appears. Some things to consider before having the conversation: 

Make a Pro and Con List

Determine the pros of switching departments—what skills you’ll gain in the new position, what you’ll enjoy more and whether you’ll have opportunities for growth and development.

Similarly, determine the cons of making the move—what challenges do you see ahead of you? What skills will you need to learn prior to interviewing, and which can be learned on the job?






Nurys Harrigan is president of Careers In Nonprofits, the experts in nonprofit staffing and recruiting with offices in Chicago and Washington, D.C.

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